Consultancy & Audit
Never before has there been so much emphasis placed on reducing workload and ensuring data has a purpose. Every nursery, school and academy has a unique set of requirements, in terms of their own curriculum, school structure and assessment framework.  I have extensive experience in using, designing and building/adapting tracking systems to not only meet the needs of schools, but ensure that changes to the national picture are incorporated.  This enables me to offer a fully tailored approach to ensure that the support provided meets the exact needs.  This support can take the form of on-site meetings or remote support/working.  See below for details of the consultancy services I can offer.

Sometimes the solution is not to replace a tracking system but instead audit what does and doesn't work.  I will work with you to assess the current systems and if appropriate, suggest alternative ways of working, training, or adaptations to the resources/reports. I can also remove and tidy up unwanted resources.  


Understanding your requirements for attainment, progress and reporting, is key to designing your tracking system.  Following an initial consulation I will design and build the system.  This can be in SIMS, RM Integris or Excel.



Even when using the most advanced systems, producing reports and extracting data can be time consuming, I can extract the information and produce reports to suit your requirements, or design reports that will best highlight strengths and areas for development.  This can either be on a termly basis or as a one off task.

Data Reports

Data entry can be time consuming and difficult to complete when there are new members of staff or illness.  I can enter both internal data and statutory  assessment returns.  This can be completed remotely or on site.

Data Input

Much of my freelance work is providing training to office staff, teachers, SLT and Governors. I also deliver partnership/group training.  Training is usually hands-on and delivered at the school using the live data.  I do also provide remote online training, these are particularly beneficial for shorter sessions and would involve the sharing of screens.  The sessions are completely flexible in length and content.  I will devise a session to incorporate individual requirements and adapt as necessary throughout the session.  Training manuals can also be provided upon request.

I can provide training on how to use existing assessment resources within SIMS or Integris, this can be useful for new members of staff and those that require a refresher, after all it's easy to forget what's there!  I can also provide training on how to create your own resources and analyses.

SIMS & Integris

I can provide hands-on sessions for  members of the SLT or group presentations for Governors, these can also be hands-on if they have logins.  The focus is usually on understanding how the figures are derived and what this means for your school improvement; what the strengths and key areas of enquiry are. 

Analyse School Performance