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Early Years Developmental Tool

The Early Years Developmental Tool has been designed specifically as a data management tool for Nurseries, Preschools and Childminders. It was commissioned by Oxfordshire Council to provide a cost effective, easy to access tool for recording and analysing the developmental journey of children within the EYFS. Options include the Developmental Matters framework and the Birth to 5 Matters framework. Data can be easily filtered by key group(s) and charts provide a breakdown of individual and group data. The EYDT uses Microsoft Excel, but there is no need to have any previous experience of Excel, because everything is protected from being altered and the tool is incredibly easy to use. It requires no setup or training and is not reliant on internet connectivity.

A judgement can be entered up to 4 times per year against all of the strands/aspects. There is also the provision to enter an overall judgement against just the 7 Areas of Learning.  In addition to achievement data, it also allows settings to record a wellbeing scale and comments.  It is completely up to each setting to decide how little or how much is entered.  We can even adapt the tool to suit individual requirements.

There are columns available for entering key information about each child e.g. whether they have SEN, are Pupil Premium, their key worker, attendance, gender, date of admission and attendance. It is entirely up to each setting to decide which columns to use and even had it adapted to include what you want.

EYDT Development Matters Inline.PNG

Development Matters Inline

The essence of the new EYFS is to quickly identify those children that are working inline with their age and those that are not. The simple grade structure of Above, Inline, Working Towards and Below allows for quick idetification. Schools can also to include the ELGs. The EYDT will automatically colour code the data to make it easy to identify patterns.

The tool is password protected and is usually held on a machine within the setting,  It is also possible to store it on the cloud e.g. using Google drive or Dropbox.  This is particularly beneficial when more than one user requires access.

Pricing Structure

The EYDT is available to purchase on an annual subscription and is extremely competitively priced.  Settings within Oxfordshire are fortunate to have a reduction in the annual subscription as the Early Years Team in Oxfordshire continue to subsidise the annual subscription.  Although it is possible to get up and running with the tool without training, some settings prefer onsite training. This can be arranged either as part of the subscription or on a pay as you go basis.


For further information regarding pricing for settings outside of Oxfordshire, to arrange a demonstration or to purchase the Early Years Development Tool, please email

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