Freelance Data Services

I decided to become a freelance consultant in 2008 when Oxfordshire County Council contracted me to design, construct and support a set of tracking resources (OPT) in SIMS for their Primary schools.  These resources were then subsequently made available in RM Integris when many of the schools moved MIS.  These resources have received many major updates and are now known as helloData.


Since this time I have continued to provide support on the design, construction and use of tracking systems on a freelance basis.   However, much of my freelance work also involves providing consultancy on the latest national frameworks, including Ofsted and Analyse School Performance (ASP) requirements.  Whilst the focus on viewing data has been largely removed from inspections, it is still paramount that data is used in an effective manner to establish areas for improvement and monitor impact.

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Following the closure of the OCC MIS support team, I went into partnership with Turn It On to continue to provide support and training on the OPT resources in SIMS and Integris.  These resources have now been transformed into helloData. Together, with web developers from Crowcrag Software Ltd, we designed and developed an extensive web based reporting tool that provides individual, group, whole school and academy data analysis, either using our helloData assessment framework or a schools own framework.  helloData is now used by schools across the country.

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The early years team within Oxfordshire County Council commissioned me to design a tracking tool aimed at nurseries, preschools and childminders.  This is now used by settings all over the country and can be adapted to suit individual requirements.  

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In addition to my freelance work I am also an RM associate trainer for their assessment product.  This is involves constructing assessment resources for individual schools and MATs, as well as delivering training.

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I am an accredited partner with Arbor.

 Capita & OCC

I became an assessment specialist why I was seconded to Capita from Oxfordshire County Council and worked as a schools consultant.  At this time all of the schools were using SIMS as their MIS and were being encouraged to use the assessment module.  Following the completion of the secondment, I worked as part of the data analysis team in Oxfordshire County Council continuing the support for schools.


I began my career as a primary school teacher in Oxfordshire. This was in the days where the collection and recording of assessment data was in its infancy and I quickly became frustrated by the volume of paper records that were required and the time it took.  There had to be a more efficient method, the lure of using technology to improve efficiency led me away from teaching and into becoming a specialist in school data.