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Much of my freelance work is providing training to office staff, teachers, SLT and Governors. I also deliver partnership/group training. Much of the training is now delivered remotely as this provides greater flexibility over timings, but I am also able to provide on-site training.


The sessions are completely flexible in length and content. I will devise a session to incorporate individual requirements and adapt as necessary throughout the session. 

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SIMS, Integris, Arbor

I can provide training on how to use existing assessment resources, this can be useful for new members of staff and those that require a refresher, after all it's easy to forget what's there!  I can also provide training on how to create your own resources and analyses.

Analyse School Performance

I can provide hands-on sessions for  members of the SLT or group presentations for Governors, these can also be hands-on if they have logins.  The focus is usually on understanding how the figures are derived and what this means for your school improvement; what the strengths and key areas of enquiry are. 

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